THE CHRISTMAS ONE. Saturday 17th December 2016, 12-8pm

All the traders and their goodies for our Christmas Day-to-Night market on Saturday 17th December 2016, from 12pm to 8pm on the Levenshulme train station car…
30 Pins
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two plastic containers filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white cup
Nila's Burmese Kitchen
a table topped with lots of potted plants
two men standing in front of a table with food on it and banners hanging from the ceiling
The Otto-Men
a table with breads and pastries on it under a sign that says uprising bakebox
Uprising Bakehouse
several trays of meat are on display for sale
Savin Hill Farm & Butchery
a man standing in front of a table covered with cheeses and other food items
Winter Tarn Cheese
four metal bowls filled with different types of food
Chaat Cart
six cards with different designs on them, including deers and birds in various colors
Paper Lilac
a hand holding a sandwich with meat and cheese
Pastrami Now
many orange and gray cups are stacked on top of each other
Sam Andrew Ceramics
there is a sign that says elderflower tom collis on the table next to it
The Buttery Bar
a woman standing in front of a table filled with different types of food on it
Greek Kitchen
three beanies with tags on them sitting next to each other
an outdoor game booth on the side of the road with signs for games and drinks
North West Game
many colorful heart shaped decorations in a box
Love Me Blue
some glass jars filled with food on top of a table
a woman standing in front of a table full of greeting cards
Lido Cards and Gifts
there are many different types of beer on the table
BubbleOff! Vegan Skin Care Gift Wrapping, Skin Care, Shea Butter, Body Cream, Welcome Week, Wedding Marketing, Face Cream, Vegan Skincare
BubbleOff! Vegan Skin Care
a group of different colored candles sitting next to each other
Conte Candles
a person standing at a coffee cart with an umbrella over it and writing on the sign
Coffee Cranks Co-operative
StringEffects Jewellery, Charm Bracelet, Jewelry, Charmed
two quesadillas cut in half on a wooden table
a basket filled with lots of different types of chocolates and nuts on display next to each other
Cocoa-Nut Grove
a person holding up a black and white object
four folded jeans with tags tied to them
a pizza sitting on top of a piece of paper covered in cheese and spinach
Mio Pizza
there are many donuts under a glass dome
Icky Sticky Cake Co
four crocheted items are shown in the shape of animals, and one has a pair of slippers on it
Artisan Alley