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To bad so sad, you're loss. Love my husband's family. 95% of them are so supportive, and another one actually sent this to me. They can't stand what their blood is doing. Selfish people deserve each other, made for each other. Thats all it is not very Christ like.

One thing worse than married men who play away from home? Married women who attempt to entice men already in relationships. especially the Femme Fatale types- who have husbands working really hard to fund their lonely indulgent lifestyle.

Mistress and ignorant ex husband who is already cheating on you even though your pregnant with his twins. Life's a product of your choices. Lol enjoy

You seem to forget - YOU started this whole nightmare. So stop acting like a fucking victim, that's the last word that describes you! The narcissistic bully acting like the victim.

It is the responsibility of the cheater not the other person except, that other person is liable as he/she knew that there was a family behind the relationship that they could care less about. Thus the saying homewrecker

It is the responsibility of your partner - the cheater not the other person to remain faithful to you. He is the home wrecker.

Heart Broken Sad breakup quotes found on Instagram

sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together

My ex and I were going to be apart a lot this summer, but I wanted to make It work. He wasn't willing to try and make it work. He gave up before summer break even started and now I am going to prove that I am way stronger than that. I gave him all his crap back, went and picked up my stuff, and told him to delete my number.

Trying to stay strong Quotes and Images for her and for him. Strong Quotes and Sayings from the bible and about life. I will stay strong with these quotes.

Gotta love people that only want you when it's convenient!

Moving on from what was never explained to me, but the good that came from it was it taught me to see how at my hardest and lowest moment you chose to leave. Going forward.