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Dawn Halfaker, a West Point graduate, holding the prosthesis for her missing right arm:

Dawn Halfaker holding the prosthesis for her missing right arm. Part of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' series of photographs of Iraq War veterans.

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"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Advances in tactile research are leading to out-of-body experiences: hugs can be exchanged across oceans and amputees feel pressure through prosthetic limbs. In this weeks issue Adam Gopnik considers how new findings are shifting our understanding of human consciousness. Illustration by @javier_jaen. by newyorkermag

Adam Gopnik, "Feel Me: What the new science of touch says about ourselves," The New Yorker May 2016 Issue). Our skin is no neutral envelope; it is a busily sensing organ that situates us in relation to others and the world.