"Woman with Dog" - Eduardo Berliner (b. 1978), oil on canvas; Brazil {figurative…

"Woman with Dog" - Eduardo Berliner (b. oil on canvas;

Women on Rocks, by Elizabeth Huey - reminds me of going to the beach with my…

"Women on Rocks", Elizabeth Huey

A festa no céu Eduardo Berliner

Eduardo Berliner Year 2015 Medium Painting Material oil on paper

Elizabeth Huey

2 women in front of a mirror Taken by elizabeth_huey on Wednesday April 2015

Kent Monkman

Kent Monkman is a Canadian artist of Cree ancestry whose subversive and oftentimes controversial paintings explore issues concerning the exploitation and misrepresentations of the First Nations in …


I have no idea

clothes lines, 2012 oil on canvas Eduardo Berliner

Eduardo Berliner's artworks, biography and articles

Elizabeth Huey

Elizabeth Huey

Elizabeth Huey

Elizabeth Huey

DUBOSSARSKY Vladimir - 'Cinema's not for everyone'

DUBOSSARSKY Vladimir - 'Cinema's not for everyone'

vladimir dubossarsky and alexander vinogradov

Vladimir Dubossarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, Kiss

Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth, Kent Monkman

Daniel Boone's First View of the Kentucky Valley

Kent Monkman “Daniel Boone’s First View of the Kentucky Valley”

Jude Griebel - Feeder

Jude Griebel's sculptural work applies didactic presentation traditionally equated with “truth”, such as models and dioramas, to alternative, psychological understandings of the body and nature.

Joe Becker

Joe Becker