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a vase filled with lots of flowers and greenery on top of a white background
Burgundy Hydrangea Silk Floral Wall Sconce SC26
Burgundy Hydrangea Silk Floral Wall Sconce SC26 - Warm up your interior walls with this exquisite burgundy hydrangea sconce. Wisps of feathers and tufts of grass add height and width to this silk hydrangea arrangement. Nestled in ivies that cascade off a warm brown and verdigris conical sconce container, this unique silk floral and foliage arrangement measures 30" H X 17" W X 7" D.
pink flowers are arranged in the shape of a tree
Vera Wang Collection | Edmonton Flower Shop | Heather de Kok
Vera Wang Design 30
a glass display case with a christmas tree made out of green beans in the middle
two vases filled with yellow flowers sitting on top of a table next to books
14 Flower Arranging Secrets That Will Help You Build a Better Bouquet
Encourage your guests to soak up the sun with a conical arrangement rich in radiant flaxen hues. Kangaroo paws create a collar for the centerpiece, which graduates to chrysanthemums and sunflowers at its pinnacle.
an arrangement of green plants and yellow flowers in a bowl on top of a wooden table
Arrangement with groups of yellow Roses, pale green standard Carnations, and lime green button Chrysanthemums - two cones with Laurel leaves, three small 'nests of lim green sisal and flexi grass -Design 161 by Chrissie Harten