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a plant with white flowers and green leaves in a black vase on top of a table
pinterest art floral moderne
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a pink vase filled with flowers on top of a table
Lime green gladiolus, pink alstroemeria, green hydrangeas, and stargazer lilies, accented with midelino sticks, in a pink design tray.
a white vase with pink flowers and vines in it's centerpieces on a tweep
Designs - Center the more adventurous design ideas on your centerpieces
#Packband Fairytale Midelino Cinderella Pumpkin Centerpiece
a vase filled with yellow flowers on top of a table
PV16_AACL - Château Saint-Jean de Beauregard
a hand is holding a wire ball on a white surface
Tutorials - Midelino cane coil basket
Midelino cane basket done and ready to design with.
a glass vase with pink flowers in it
Design 377polished aluminium vase with floral foam, pink Midelino sticks,a few silver Midelino sticks, construction pinned to foam at an angle, few leaves of Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart', pink lilies, spray of pink Phalaenopsis orchids, Hedera berries, China Grass (Liriope muscari variegata)
a vase with white flowers in it sitting on a stand
Connected midelino structures