Gorgeous Pantone Stained Glass Window Door

Gorgeous Pantone Stained Glass Window Door

rainbow pancakes!

Rainbow Ice Cream by photographer Henry Hargreaves . Rainbow Noodles Rainbow Pancakes Rainbow Burger via: henryhargreaves If you enjoyed this post, Leave comment please! What do you think?


A short film by Siri MelchiorThe film was made using thousands of Potato Prints which were then scanned in and used as textures for the animation.The film was a co-production between Trunk Animation in London and Dansk Tegnefilm in Denmark.

Rainbow Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice

French artist Mademoiselle Maurice who creates stunning geometric figures on urban surfaces using rainbows of folded origami figures. via art maurice


Clear water in Fiji island – This boat appears to be floating on air, but the crystal blue waters are just that. A perfect place to go boating and enjoy the marine life.


Only the great generalizations survive Photography by Robert Canali Title: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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