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Find out how to make bloody chocolate apples - an easy Halloween party food idea that can be prepared the day before your party.

These witch hats are really cute to make with toddlers, preschoolers or even older kids. They are perfect for a Halloween party or just a cold day at home. These witches hat treats are made from an ice cream cone and a cookie!

Paper Cup Spiders

Cute Paper Cup Spiders and Bats. These paper cup spiders and bats are so easy for kids to make! They are such a cute halloween craft idea!

yarn (we used about 2 yards for one web) to the center of the sticks. Wrap it around the other spokes, then move outward, wrapping the sticks as shown. Tie off the yarn and add a plastic spider.

I remember these as a kid! These lolly pop ghosts are SO CUTE! They're super easy and make a fun treat for a Halloween party or to send to school on Halloween!

Do you have glass jars gathering dust in a cupboard? Looking for a crafty activity you can do with your toddler? Check these quick & easy Upcycled Lanterns for Halloween


A cute and cheeky Halloween Bat handprint craft for kids. Great for Halloween party decorations, greeting cards or hang them from a string as a flying bat toy for kids to play with.

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

These Pumpkin Apple Stamps are a fun way to celebrate the coming autumn season! This is a kids craft that will keep children busy creating works of art! Kids crafts - Crafting For Ideas