My dream house: Assembly required (24 photos)

I love how modern this living room is. The sectional looks inviting and comfortable yet modern. The living room and kitchen are one big open space. I also love the decoration hanging from the ceiling.

Kelly Hoppen for Yoo, Barkli Virgin House Moscow please be my house one day.

white roses in glass tank vases with wrapped leaves - Fiona Barratt Interiors - nice idea for beside the basin

Kelly Hoppen, LOVE this

Kelly Hoppen for Yoo Ltd @ Barkli Virgin House, Moscow, Russia - Bathroom decoration suggestions - House interior ideas -

Kelly Hoppen Couture seamlessly blends her natural balance and timeless style to your brief creating a sanctuary that is all about you.

Kelly Hoppen is one of greatest interior design inspirations of all times. We have selected 10 Kelly Hoppen Interior Design Ideas to inspire you, enjoy!