Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Next destination: Sydney, Australia. To do: snorkle in the Great Barrier Reef, hold a koala bear, climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and tour the Sydney Opera House.


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Bus Tour, of course Big Ben, London, England photos): big ben red double decker bus london photography poster

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Snorkelling and diving on the great barrier reef in Cairns Australia :)


Beach In Seychelle Islands ~ Gorgeous! I’m pretty sure I could get used to picking up seashells on this beach in the in the Seychelle Islands.

Cairns, Australia

“ Mosaic Jellyfish Photograph by Melissa Fiene A mosaic jellyfish floats serenely in the waters of the Coral Sea, about 100 nautical miles from Cairns, Australia. Jellyfish are ubiquitous in the.

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