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#Dexter - List of Swear Words Used by Debra Morgan. But it's missing my favorite.thank the baby fucking Jesus!

- List of Swear Words Used by Debra Morgan.thank the baby fucking Jesus!

Making a Wardrobe Shopping Plan

When you’re on a quest to have less stuff and live a simple or frugal or minimalist lifestyle, it’s easy to forget how nice it is–and how perfectly okay it is–to have stuff.

Business Casual Essentials Mix & Match Outfits

Minimalist Wardrobe Pruning: A Look at It by Season. The pants and shoes are simple. The tops are the primary focal points. Add a few accessories with clean lines and interesting patterns as accent pieces.

Work it, Babe!

Image detail for -. and Pearls - Womens Work Wear and Office Clothing for Women. I love the idea of 14 pieces & 10 looks. Great idea for business travel, training, ect.

mix and match using classic, basic pieces

13 pieces - 31 days of outfits. so tempting to throw out my wadrobe and buy these 13 pieces because i hate all my clothes right now! Wonder how long it would take me to sew most of these.

Pear Shaped Body Endomorph Workout Plan

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