Playdays also known as Playschool and Playbus. I can remember Peggy Patch and the Why bird and I seem to recall I didn't much like Poppy the cat! How my little sister loved this show!

Rosie & Jim

Rosie & Jim made me believe toys came to life before Toy Story

Dream phone

before mobile phones we had dream phone. Ussery i remember playing this at your house, i think it was a birthday party?


Danger Mouse is a British animated television series which was produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television. It features the eponymous Danger Mouse, an English mouse who works as a superhero/secret agent.

Art Attack!

This is an Art Attack, this is an Art Attack. This IS Art Attack! What a show, what a guy! Used to watch it everyday while eating my bowl of cereal and milk, just before my school bus would arrive. Such good times

Twister Ice lollies!

I have always loved the twister ice cream - and I reckon I always will!


wow these really bring back memories. i LOVED troll dolls. i had an enormous one (looked like a troll doll on steroids) with red hair & came with a night gown on i think?