Playdays also known as Playschool and Playbus. I can remember Peggy Patch and the Why bird and I seem to recall I didn't much like Poppy the cat! How my little sister loved this show!

Rosie & Jim

Rosie & Jim made me believe toys came to life before Toy Story


Danger Mouse is a British animated television series which was produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television. It features the eponymous Danger Mouse, an English mouse who works as a superhero/secret agent.

Art Attack!

This is an Art Attack, this is an Art Attack. This IS Art Attack! What a show, what a guy! Used to watch it everyday while eating my bowl of cereal and milk, just before my school bus would arrive. Such good times

Twister Ice lollies!

I have always loved the twister ice cream - and I reckon I always will!


wow these really bring back memories. i LOVED troll dolls. i had an enormous one (looked like a troll doll on steroids) with red hair & came with a night gown on i think?

The Simpsons

Wikisimpsons is an encyclopedia all about The Simpsons that anyone can edit. It has detailed artices of characters, episodes, locations and everything Simpsons.

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy and Looby Lou from 'Watch with Mother' a book from the early filled with BBC children's programme characters.

Fun House!

CITV is celebrating its birthday by scheduling a weekend of retro kids TV classics from the and

Button Moon

Button moon: One of the ealiest programmes i remember watching when i was little. Bunch of characters made from kitchen utensils go to the moon, thats its. When i was a tiddler i thought it was just great. "off to button moon" :)