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an empty room with wooden walls and flooring
ON Headquarters by BLANCASMORAN and LSA Arquitectos | interiors
ON Headquarters Mexico City by LSA Arquitectos/BLANCASMORAN
an indoor swimming pool in front of a brick wall with candles on the floor and lanterns around it
Espai París Art Gallery / Meritxell Ribé - The Studio Room
an empty room with stone walls and flooring is shown in this image, there are only one light on the wall
joão luís carrilho da graça, global arquitectura paisagista, Duarte Belo, Fernando Guerra / FG+SG · Praça Nova do Castelo de São Jorge
João Luís Carrilho da Graça, João Gomes da Silva _ global, arquitectura paisagista — Musealization of the São Jorge Castle's Praça Nova Archaeological Site, Lisbon
an empty room with brick walls and ceiling
Nová realizace - AVATAR | PROFI Lighting | svítidla
an empty room with a bench in the middle
LED tape in your home
This is one of the main ways we would look to light a double height space in someone's home. A strip of LED tape running the length of the room on either side allows light to be thrown upwards washing the ceiling with light. The LED tape itself is hidden by a simple coffer detail that is plastered and painted over to blend seamlessly into the wall. Finally, having the tape on a dimmer switch lets you have it as bright or toned down as needs be in the moment. #technicallighting #contemporarylight
a bedroom with wooden floors and walls in an attic type building that is lit up at night
#arquitetura #minimalista #minimalisto #quarto #sótão #decoração
a kitchen with a wine cooler and lots of bottles
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cristaleira bar na sala pinterest - Pesquisa Google
an empty room with white walls and lights on the wall, as well as a sculpture
indirekte beleuchtung mittels LED Strip mehr unter https://ledkaiser.com | Indirekte beleuchtung led, Beleuchtungsideen, Wohnen
Indirect Lighting: Diffused light produced by directing the light toward an intermediate surface that reflects the light into the room. #valaistus #valaistussuunnittelu #epäsuoravalo Toteutus mahdollisuuksia: www.cioy.fi:
a bedroom with a bed, mirror and lights on the wall above it's headboard
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves next to a wall mounted shelf
a display case filled with lots of wine glasses and plates on top of glass shelves
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