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Christmas Gift Ideas
🎁✨ Unwrap the Magic of Christmas with These Enchanting Gift Ideas! 🎄🌟
A Guide to Colour Temperature in Kelvins
Kelvins are the key to setting the right mood with lighting! 🌟 It's all about the colour temperature. Lower Kelvins give you warm, cosy light, while higher Kelvins offer cool, crisp illumination. Find your perfect Kelvin and set the vibe! Find out more 👀 Read the Blog
IVY Faceted Crystal Glass Pumpkin Table Lamp with Shade
A pumpkin is for life, not just for Halloween 🎃💡 The Ivy table lamp base from Laura Ashley is a hypnotic reinterpretation of 1960s glassware and ceramics, with its broad, pumpkin shape and an almost hewn, faceted surface with a cleanly sliced top and base. Paired with a tall, cylinder linen shade in a cool grey, this magnificent lamp will sit on a side table like a block of ice. Finished with a bright polished chrome stem and lamp holder.