Garden Lighting Inspiration

Looking to brighten up your outdoor space? You're in the right place! Discover all our inspiration for a glowing garden.
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three metal birds with lights on them sitting in front of a potted planter
Interior Lighting | Indoor LED & Tree Lights
Bird Rattan Garden Light Trio |
a light fixture hanging from the ceiling next to a potted plant
Sphere Rattan Solar Light
Sphere Rattan Solar Light |
two lighted mushrooms sitting in the grass
Rattan Mushroom Garden Light Duo
Rattan Mushroom Garden Light Duo |
a water fountain in the middle of a patio
Garden Water Features | Garden & Outdoor Fountains
Bronze Garden Water Feature |
a buddha head fountain is shown next to a potted plant
Garden Water Features | Garden & Outdoor Fountains
Light Up Buddha Water Feature |
a large black vase sitting on top of a cement block
Garden Lights | Outdoor Decorative Lights | Lights4fun
Grey Sphere Garden Water Feature |
an outdoor light on a brick wall
Lantern Lights | Outdoor & Indoor Lantern Lights
Garden Trading Carbon Ships Outdoor Wall Light |
a buddha statue sitting on top of a white lotus flower pot in front of a planter
Garden Water Features | Garden & Outdoor Fountains
Create a zen spot in your garden with our light up Buddha fountain. Featuring 4 white LEDs which illuminate the gentle water flow. |
three white paper lanterns hanging from a black metal trellis in front of a hedge
Solar Lanterns | Hanging Outdoor Solar Lanterns
Our trio of cream Lucena tassel lanterns are the perfect addition to summer weddings & garden parties. |
the flowers are blooming on the green leaves
20 Multi Coloured Rose Micro Fairy Lights
Our 20 multi coloured flower lights are the perfect accessory for styling both indoors and out. |
an umbrella with lights hanging from it and some tassels on the outside side
80 LED Battery Operated Parasol Lights
Add a twinkle to your outdoor space with our parasol lights, perfect for relaxing under on a summer evening |
a white lantern sitting on top of a wooden floor next to bushes and trees in the background
With its rustic finish and neutral colour palette, this understated white lantern captures the simple country living aesthetic that is everywhere at the moment. Pair with greenery to create a pared-back, natural look anywhere in the home.
a pink light sitting on top of a wicker table
Colour Changing Solar Hanging Lantern
Our garden lantern is sure to add some fun to your outdoor space. Featuring a colour changing LED, the lantern illuminates through a rainbow of light, perfect for placing on table tops or hanging high! |
white flowers with yellow centers are in a vase
30 LED Daisy Solar Stake Lights
Add a charming glow to your flowerbeds with our daisy solar lights. Each of the 5 stakes features 6 daisies with a warm white LED in each. |