Lighting Made From Rattan, Bamboo & More

Add cosy and natural vibes to your home with lighting from rattan, bamboo and wood!
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Boho inspired lighting
Explore boho inspired lighting and infuse your home with natural vibes 🌿
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a stone wall on top of a hard wood floor
Irresistible floor lamps made from rattan
Wicker lends a cosy comfort and timeless appeal to living spaces. Rattan, seagrass, bamboo and other woven natural materials are ideal for adding a sense of warmth to your home! Product: floor lamp Dou by ferm LIVING (item no. 10031118)
a living room filled with furniture and hanging lights
Handmade pendant light made from rattan and abacá
The Grass pendant lighting series made from rattan and abacá is absolutely stunning 😍 Explore more designs by French brand Forestier in our shop. 📷 Pendant light Grass by French designer brand Forestier (item no. 3567129)
a lamp hanging from the ceiling over a bed in front of a wall with trees on it
Rattan pendant light 'Singapour' 💘
Featuring four shades made of rattan and linen that radiate warm and cosy light, the 'Singapour' pendant light is the ideal statement piece for the living room or bedroom. You can explore the aspirational 'Singapour' series by French brand MARET SET in our shop. 🛍️ Item no. 10023043
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Portable Lamp Singapour by MARKET SET
Ready to go? A portable lamp is the perfect companion!
black rattan pendant light, black rattan light Tahiti, Pantanal, Eden Project, Led Stripes, Buy Lights, Good Cause, Beautiful Lights
Black rattan pendant light 🌱 Sustainable lighting by GOOD & MOJO
Whether you are looking to upgrade your living room, dining area or bedroom - the Zanzibar black rattan pendant light catches the eye and adds a natural touch to any space!
a dining room table and chairs with the words dream pendant lights this way
Dream pendant lights ideal for the dining room
Looking for the perfect pendant light for over the dining table? Look no further and explore our selection of dream hanging lights💡 📷 Lace pendant light by PR home (item no. 10024608)
Kitchen pendant light Pia made from natural fibre
Kitchen pendant light Pia made from natural fibre
Kitchen pendant light Pia made from natural fibre
Gorgeous pendant light by PR Home ❤️
a light hanging over a table next to a potted plant
Dining room pendant lighting made of natural materials
Shop our selection of nature-inspired hanging lights, ideal for above the dining table!
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Rattan pendant lights for the dining room, bedroom or kitchen
Rattan pendant lights exude a natural warmth, infusing any space with a laid-back bohemian touch.
Garden lighting trend: outdoor pendant lights with plug
Outdoor pendant lights with plug
Garden lighting trend: outdoor pendant lights with plug
Create your dream outdoor space with nature-inspired pendant lights with plug
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Wall lights made of bamboo
Lighting made from natural materials adds a sense of serenity and connection to our homes 😍
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Lighting made from bamboo 😍 GOOD & MOJO
Explore sustainable lighting by GOOD & MOJO. Working with sustainable materials such as cork, recycled glass or bamboo, the Dutch brand creates beautiful lighting inspired by nature.
🌿 Rattan Pendant Light Zuri by PR Home
🌿 Rattan Pendant Light Zuri by PR Home
🌿 Rattan Pendant Light Zuri by PR Home
Bring the outside in with pendant lighting made from rattan, a natural material made from climbing palms.