Shiva Lingam Explained !

Shiva Lingam Explained - for the ancients, the lingam - phalus and the yoni - the vulva, as matrix, represented the duality of the Creative Active Principle in the universe

Beautiful Shiva-Shakti union in Ardhanarishwar....hiriyein hamaar...

Beautiful Shiva-Shakti union in Ardhanarishwar.I Pinned from Omar Velázquez I


astrologyreadings: “Artist: Rahul Vyas Lord Shiva - The most enigmatic - The god of ambiguity, paradox, contradiction. He has the ferocity to destroy the universe but meditates with the calmness of a.


Lord Shiva Artist Credit: Unknown Hindu God Kaal Bhairov or Lord Bhairav the warrior/violent incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Shiva. Protects from evil, cleans the soul & Removes all obstacles.

shiva - shakti - universe

Knowledge prepares us to dive into devotion. Only Divine love brings fulfillment.