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#wattpad #fanfiction A Solangelo/Willico Fanfiction. Nico di Angelo X Will Solace Boy X Boy Ship. (From the PJO/HoO books) If you do not approve of my ship, then I suggest you keep quiet, and scroll on, please. One-shots, mini quests, and small stories about Nico and Will. I also take requests! Hope You Enjoy!!!

lnsane: Now, I can die IN FUCKING PEACE. /*I need to put this on my ship prompt book cause it is prove of everything being posible

Even og Isak | Skam sesong 4 That scene was amazing. I loved it how as soon as Isak realised something was wrong, he joined Even and sang with him. It was cute

My beautifuls❤️ Now we can wait until May, 22 for Skam coming back, and to find out why the Balloon squad hit Isak and what happened. And oh god, my poor baby Sana😭