wow, I didn't forget the password or anything.
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Sorry for blowing up my pintrest, but i'm needing some humor to make it through the day.

"An opalised Belemnite fossil from the Jurassic period, Cooper Pedy, South Australia. Similar to the modern squid." ME: NOPE! THAT IS A UNICORN HORN! They just don't want us muggles to know!

I apolgise in advance for this... this will happen ... just to make you giggle.... obviously i will have actual food in the kitchen ;)

I totally expected a cannibalistic or satanic punch line. "is it pizza lunchables" XD

HAHAHAHAHA...this is also an interesting story idea though! What about a person with this ability? <--- repinning for this comment!

the longer u stare at the bottom, the funnier it is lol<<< yea. i have a dog with one brown eye and one half-brown half-blue eye. (according to the legend)

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Dump her- date the waitress; dump the whiney bitch and date the crazy awesome waitress