Naum Gabo

This design is by Naum gabo this is an interlocking design- This design has carefully been put together, adding the middle parts the design will become less flimsy. This image shows a strong structure

AD Classics: Gwathemy Residence and Studio / Charles Gwathmey - © Scott Francis

AD Classics: Gwathmey Residence and Studio / Charles Gwathmey

Built by Charles Gwathmey in Amagansett, United States with date Images by Scott Francis. Part of the New York Five, architect Charles Gwathmey designed the Gwathmey Residence and Studio for his parents in

Naum Gabo, Linear Construction No. 2, 1970-1, plastic and nylon filament

Naum Gabo ‘Linear Construction No. The Work of Naum Gabo © Nina & Graham Williams/Tate, London 2014

Henry Moore OM, CH ‘Windswept Landscape’, 1973 © The Henry Moore Foundation, All Rights Reserved, DACS 2014

Windswept Landscape by Henry Moore OM, CH, 1973 A close up of a picture of a body of water or maybe a black and white picture of a small rock. Not dissimilar from a large black object is in the middle.

Opus 9 by Naum Gabo [1973] / Wood engraving on paper / Collection Tate

Naum Gabo ‘Opus 1973 The Work of Naum Gabo © Nina & Graham Williams/Tate, London 2014

Naum Gabo. @Deidré Wallace

Yesterday I told of Naum Gabo the Russian kinetic artist. Today I want to tell of another Naum Gabo. "Naum Gabo" is the pseudonym of dear friend, Jonnie.

gabo bijenkorf

Metal structure by Naum Gabo in Netherlands Rotterdam, patterns inside the structure are repetitive. bars within the structure with nets to help support the whole design.

Naum Gabo - Blue Kinetic Painting, 1945-1954, oil on wood panel (This painting is meant to be viewed in rotation)

Naum Gabo: Blue Kinetic Painting, oil on wood panel. This painting is meant to be viewed in rotation. The panel is mounted on a motor making one revolution in two minutes.

Naum Gabo

Linear Construction Variation, Perspex plastic and nylon thread sculpture by Naum Gabo, from

Naum Gabo, Square Relief , Plastic on metal base, 1920

Naum Gabo Square Relief lost original this version Plastic on metal base, x x cm Private collection © Nina Williams

Naum Gabo, Linear Construction No.1, 1943

Back cover of "Modern Sculpture" by Alan Bowness, Studio Vista, London, 1965 (art: Naum Gabo, Linear Construction via stopping off place