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Wire-Wrapped Earrings - 'Vortex'
Mesmerise everyone with these swirling Vortex earrings! Supplies Materials: - 1 mm diameter copper wire (18 gauge) - 0.4 mm diameter copper wire (26 gauge) - 6mm diameter beads - Ear hooks Tools: - Chain or flat nose pliers - Round nose pliers - Wire cutters Full tutorial is available on my YouTube Channel.
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Wire Wrapped Earrings - 'Vortex'
Wire-wrapped Rabbit Pendant
Wire-Wrapped Heart Pendant
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Wire Wrapped Heart - 'Only You'
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Wire Wrapped Rabbit Pendant
Diamond-Shaped Wire Wrapped Earrings
Wire Wrapped Pendant
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Herringbone Wrap
Quick Wire-Wrapped Pendant
Loop and Coil Chain
Wire-wrapped Earrings
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Wire Wrapped Earrings - Edison
'J' Hook Clasp
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Daffodil wire wrapped pendant
Barrel Weave Chain Maille
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Wire Wrapped Bracelet
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Wire Wrapped Pendant - 'Shine Bright'
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Wire wrapped earrings using headpins
Wire Wrapped Heart: 'Heart and Soul' Ideas
Wire Wrapped Heart: 'Heart and Soul'
Wire Wrapped Heart: 'Heart and Soul'
Forged and Twisted Earrings Ear Hook, Copper Wire
Forged and Twisted Earrings
Forged and Twisted Earrings
Wire Wrapped Pendant Handmade Wire Jewelry, Wire Pendant
Wire Wrapped Pendant
Wire Wrapped Pendant
Quick Wire Wrapped Earrings Wire Weaving Tutorial, Earring Tutorial
Quick Wire Wrapped Earrings
Quick Wire Wrapped Earrings