vanished: Ekaterina Grigorieva #photography #creative #exposure

These hand Multiple Exposures are so simple , but when they're in black and white they're so beautiful. I thought this would be an incredible way to capture art via movement.

"Time projection" (2011), by Adam Martinakis. Digital art; surrealism.

Projection Inspiration "Time projection by Adam Martinakis - how would i feel if there were two other dimensions depicted here"

Antony Gormley: Blind Light, 2007. Southbank Centre (London). {Loved this exhibition!}

Antony Gormley: Blind Light An installation for recognizing known shapes/forms, for remembering lovable lovers' gestures, for playing to peekaboo, for knowing where you are.

On the Edge

On the Edge original monotype mounted (note- can we paint trees with El paint glowing and then turn on a light to show the paint?

Ghost trying to get through to the other side.

Ghostly Hands and Feet Photographed Through Milk Glass by Marek Chaloupka silhouettes black and white