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a brown chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall and window
Clara Chair
The Clara is a classically elegant chair with metal or upholstered leather legs. The seat is available in a wide variety of finishes with matching or contrasting piping.
two grey chairs sitting next to each other in a room with white walls and flooring
Penelope Chair
With an elegantly shaped tub-style seat, the Penelope is a contemporary chair with character. The seat can be selected in either fabric or leather, while the frames comes in an array of solid Canaletto walnut finishes.
a white chair sitting in front of a glass table
Camilla Chair
The Camilla Chair is a unique design featuring a rounded metal frame that supports a stylised padded seat and backrest. Horizontal seams run along the back of the backrest, creating three sections that end fluidly within the armrests.
two chairs and a table in a room
Lip Chair
The Lip Chair is a playful design with a curved upholstered seat and back cradled by a solid wood frame with tapered legs. The two back legs are formed elegantly from one piece, meeting to form the rounded back support.
a glass table with two chairs and a round mirror in the background on a carpeted floor
Lambda Chair
The Lambda chair is a playful design with a curved upholstered seat, back and armrests that cocoon the occupier. The seat is cradled by a solid wood frame with two legs on either side that meet to elegantly form one piece and support the rounded seat.
a dining room table with chairs and a fireplace in the back ground, surrounded by black and white checkered floor tiles
Mood Upholstered Chair Wood Legs with Arms
The Mood Upholstered Chair With Arms has statement wood legs in a range of finishes with customisable lacquered metal detailing for added interest. The elegantly curved Polypropylene seat comes in a variety of colourways with an upholstered seat pad, arms and backrest in a choice of fabrics or leathers for a sumptuous look.
a dining room table with chairs and vases on top of it in front of a large window
Oleandro Chair
The Oleandro Chair is an elegant design with padded seat and rounded backrest available in a variety of fabrics, faux leather and leather. The metal frame wraps around the backrest, and can be customised in a selection of finishes.
an oval table with two chairs and a rug on the floor in front of it
Miranda Chair Wood Legs
The Miranda Wood is an inviting chair featuring rounded tapered wood legs and an under-seat frame in a choice of colourways.
two chairs next to each other near a potted plant
Kuga Slim Spider Leg Chair
The Kuga Slim Spider Leg Chair is a stylish slim addition to the Kuga family with an upholstered seat and button detailing on stylish metal swivel legs.
two chairs sitting at a table in a room
Rachel Chair Wood Legs
The Rachel chair is a memorable design with wood legs that come in a choice of colourways. These are paired with an upholstered polygonal seat and backrest, featuring rounded edges and gentle curves that wrap around the occupier. Subtly padded sides contour around the edge of the seat.
a black leather chair sitting in front of a book shelf next to a bookshelf
Kuga Chair Wood Legs
The Kuga Chair Wood Legs features classic buttoned upholstery on a softly-square shaped seat and backrest, complemented by contemporary angular solid wood legs that meet under the seat with a rounded 'cut-away' finish.
a chair sitting on top of a rug next to a white table and potted plant
Amelie Chair
The Amelie is a welcoming contemporary chair with a soft appearance, featuring ruched detailing and a curved outline to its upholstered seat and backrest.
a white table with green chairs around it
Rhonda Turn Spider Leg Chair
The Rhonda Turn Spider Leg chair is a contemporary design with a four-spoke spider leg frame in a choice of lacquered colourways.
a pink chair sitting on top of a white carpet next to a wall with marble walls
Amelie Chair Wood Legs
The Amelie Chair with wood legs is a memorable upholstered design that features stylised curved sides and a ruched seam detail for interest.
a dining room table with two chairs and a vase on it's end, in front of a couch
Holly Fab Chair
The Holly Fab chair is a contemporary upholstered design supported by a classic solid wood frame that crosses under the seat, with round, angled legs. The seat pad is overlapped by a deep curved backrest with pleasingly rounded arms.