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a table with a donut, plant and lamp on it
Soffio Table Lamp
The Soffio Table Lamp features a tall diffuser in elegant white and clear ombre blown glass, with a round aluminium top surface. A touch dimmer is included for varying light intensity.
three white marble balls hanging from the ceiling in a room with blue walls and black flooring
Zanziball Suspension Cluster
The Zanziball Suspension Cluster features pearl bead-like shapes of blown glass in white with brass-toned marbling, with brushed brass details to the top and bottom ends, suspended from a black chrome ceiling plate.
three clear glass pendant lights hanging from a ceiling over a potted plant and greenery
Spark Suspension Cluster
The Spark Suspension Cluster features a 'flattened' round borosilicate glass lamp elegantly suspended at the base of a natural brass stem.
a lamp that is sitting on a table in front of a window with curtains and drapes
Papillon Floor to Ceiling Lamp
The Papillon is a contemporary floor-to-ceiling design. Two lacquered metal circles surround a spherical matt borosilicate glass diffuser and can be positioned at varied angles for a bespoke arrangement.
two light fixtures hanging from the ceiling
Spokes Suspension Light
Transparent and lightweight, the Spokes suspension light features a varnished steel and aluminium rod frame complementing its Oriental lantern inspired design.
three hanging lights above a wooden table with blue chairs and a potted plant in the middle
Blow Suspension Light
The Blow Suspension Light features a delicate borosilicate glass pendant with an opaque inner glass diffuser that elegantly sits lower than the outer glass, and is suspended from a central brass stem.
a living room with couches and tables in it
Arx Floor Lamp
A minimalist design in a choice of lacquered metal finishes. Supported by a solid round base, the confidently arched structure creates a semi-circular profile and is completed with a cut-out circular metal diffuser featuring internal LED lights.
a white chair sitting on top of a floor next to a table with vases
Magneto Floor Lamp
A sleek floor lamp, the Magneto features a unique spherical super magnet for height and angle adjustment. This combines a round base and support rod with a compact LED light source. Available in a black or white finish.
a modern light fixture hanging over a dining room table with chairs and vases on it
Papillon Suspension Light
A graceful design formed from two concentric metal circles connected by a stem that supports a spherical diffuser in the centre of the arrangement.
a living room filled with furniture and a tall metal sculpture in the middle of it
Thriller Floor Lamp
The unique Thriller floor lamp has an origami-inspired design that transforms it into an eye-catching feature as well as a functional accessory. Its striking angular frame is complemented with a black base for support
an elegant dining table with marble top and two chairs in front of the countertop
Coimbra Suspension Light
The Coimbra Suspension Light features a suspended transparent borosilicate glass flattened-spherical lamp. This houses a lacquered borosilicate glass bell-like inner shell in a choice of colours.
three metal objects hanging from strings in the shape of an origami boat and triangle
Velar Suspension Light
Suspension Light is a modern, geometric design with a wing-like appearance crafted from folded textured glass.
an elegant dining room with white walls and flooring is furnished with modern chairs and a marble table
Nahun suspension light
Unique Suspension Cluster is characterised by slender elongated arcs in satin iron grey embossed lacquered steel with brass detailing at either end of the arc.
a black and white dining room with marble table, chairs and an oval shaped rug
Heaven Suspension Light
A sleek and contemporary suspension light with a floating, otherworldly appearance. Featuring looped shapes of titanium-finish embossed lacquered steel frames.
a chandelier hanging from the side of a window with glass globes on it
Spark Suspension Light
The Spark suspension Light features planate round glass lamps that radiate from a natural brass frame in an eclectic cluster.