"Wash lay on the wall as orange as the sun" From the book The King of Capri - Jane Ray, 2003

Snow White by Jane Ray

Amazing illustrations, panoramic book, one of our favorites! Snow White by Jane Ray

the princess blankets, carol ann duffy

The Princess Blankets, a new fairy tale and children's chapter book by Carol Ann Duffy

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Moon Zoo by Carol Ann Duffy

Fishpond United Kingdom, Moon Zoo by Joel Stewart (Illustrated ) Carol Ann Duffy. Buy Books online: Moon Zoo, ISBN Joel Stewart (Illustrated by) Carol Ann Duffy

Click through for an interesting article about Carol Ann Duffy: her life, loves, how it has influenced her poetry

Carol Ann Duffy interview

Teenagers rate her poetry as second only to Shakespeare's and, like the Bard, love colours much of her work. Yet in matters of the heart, Carol Ann Duffy admits she is no expert.