Gorgeous distressed dining table with ghost and Eames chairs. Photo by Janis of Pinecone Camp all white dining room love this modern country style

dailycoolhouses: “ Modern dining rooms are designed with one basic thing in mind - simplicity and convenience. Check out these 171 modern dining room ideas. Love Read more: 171 Modern Dining Room.

Interior beauty: a mix of vintage and industrial design - The last days of Spring

DIY Cupcake Holders

Mix and match chairs to avoid having your dining room read too one-note. Keep your chairs in the same design so that the final look is still perfectly coordinated.

DIY – ett personligt matbord | Livet Hemma – IKEA

diy table top with Ikea vika lerberg trestle legs (on livet hemma).Ikea is a DIY-ers paradise, everything is waiting to be customized


chalk illustration board & black metal // The Grounds of Alexandria by nicoalaryjr

Adaptable matbord Ek/Vit - Muuto - Dennys Home

Adaptable matbord Ek/Vit - Muuto - Dennys Home

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