Vintage 1972 Mothercare dress, I had loads of these as a kid, they were a wardrobe staple!

VINTAGE MOTHERCARE SKIRT...C1970s...104cms/40"

Collection of vintage Ladybird books. No life is complete without having a pile of these somewhere.

ironic that my childhood ladybird books are now classed as vintage.

navy blue knickers - mandatory part of the school uniform. And some of them had pockets in them!

Navy school knickers, shown off at PE time, when hanging upside down off the parallel bars. Plus doing PE in just a vest and the navy blue knickers!

LESLEY PULLING - Google+ - Do you remember whencoal was delivered like this!

The Coalman; another typical picture from my childhood. and the coal was delivered right to our coal bunker. Our coal man was called Mr Earthy

The usherettes would appear at the interval and the knack was to time your scoot down the aisle to get in first for your tub of ice cream.

Remember when the ice cream lady walked down the cinema aisle in the interval to sell ice cream tubs and refreshments from her little tray.

"Hurrah for Little Noddy", ill. by E. Ten Harmsen Van der Beek

I know I had Noddy books but I must have been quite young. Every morning Mum would stop her work for 'juice and coffee' time and we would sit together in one armchair and she would read a book or a comic to me.