Shell number 2 Original pencil drawing on by SimpleArtStudio, €40.00

Items op Etsy die op RESERVED - Shell - number 2 - Original pencil drawing on acid free paper Canson 200 gr by Cristina Ripper lijken

great contour line drawing I always had my students do this.the older the boots the better....

boots line art use for coloring or a pattern Contour line

Color Theory - make copies of a black and white picture (Escher?), divide it into squares and color each square with different colors - maybe two colored pencils per square?

Use to reinforce color schemes. If this was done with photos it would take about an hour. Simply put different filters on the same photo, print, cut, glue on a canvas or board. I would mod podge in matte for some texture.

Repetition with Variation.doc

draw by observation: 9 areas of a selected object - value lesson

beautiful fine line pen drawings of shells by my friend @Alice Du Port

beautiful fine line pen drawings of shells by my friend /Alice/ Cartee Cartee Cartee Cartee Cartee Du Port

Cool effect using different media in areas: good to explore different material.

Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools and student art projects in our museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

Chair Drawing contour drawing added value w/ pencil colored neg space to create focal point

Chair Drawing - Good way to make a small drawing assignment into an actual project they can be excited about

drawing crushed soda cans - Google Search

Tonal drawings - crushed Coke can

Inside a Box - get students to bring a collection of objects in a box - and do a value study of the box and contents - IMPORTANT - have collection boxes on hand as is inevitable some students will forget to bring one to draw

"Small Box of small objects"drawing

Fairy Tale Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - prints available at - flying shoes art studio

PRINT: Fairy Tale Mixed Media Drawing on por flyingshoes en Etsy

still life ideas - art equipment and tools

50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students

A list of still life ideas for teachers and Art students. The collection includes old favourites, as well as more unusual still life drawing topics.

Still Life Composition - Google Search

Pr5-Ex2: Composition of natural objects

pencil sketches of objects - still life - exercise - composition of natural objects

Cropped organic from observation.  Could be done with any media.

Cropped organic from observation.this is amzing drawing and I love this

This is such a great observation. There is just 2 papers, of a good size, and then the Onions are actually drawn differently - really a very nice example here.

Breadth Idea Mixed Media Still Life - subject matter in color- done in oil pastel or colored pencil- all other objects done in ebony pencil. Emphasis/composition/color/value (shading)

The thing I like most about this image is the way all the detail has been created with only one colour. I believe that it extremely hard to make the shell look 3D but it has been done very well in this drawing. My favourite part of the study is where the darker shading allows the viewer to feel that they can look into the inside of the shell. As your eye is drawn in deeper it gets darker.

shell drawing by rob.

How To Make A Collage? Some Simple Tips - Page 2 of 2 - Bored Art

How To Make A Collage? Some Simple Tips

collage still life - Elizabeth St-Hilaire Nelson