an abstract collaged painting that uses paint and printed pages from a magazine to create a coastal scene with a beach, cliffs and a house

John Piper(British, Seaford Head 1933 (along with Spencer and Ravilious, the great practitioners of English Mysticism).

John Piper collage, watercolour and ink. 14 1/4 x 17 3/4 inches 36.4 x 45.3 cm

John Piper Angle Bay, 1938 Collage, watercolour and ink, x cm / Offer Waterman, London

Julian Trevelyan, ‘Rubbish May be Shot Here’ 1937

Tate Liverpool, Art Turning Left : Rubbish May be Shot Here 1937 by Julian Trevelyan

Scrapbook by Julian Trevelyan

1989 Julian Trevelyan 'Volume of Memories'