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Top 20 Halloween Party Food Ideas  By Le Baby Bakery

My girlfriend just made these for her son's class treats! Super cute: frankenstein rice krispie treats - just add green food coloring, dip in melted chocolate, and decorate with icing and chocolate chips.

Jello Worms: How to make a Bowl Worms

If you& trying to freak someone out with crazy Halloween food or maybe even April Fool& I can tell you confidently that you HAVE to try this recipe for Jello worms!

Food that magically regrows itself! Via @wholefoods

Growing vegetables from food waste is a great lesson for kids and also makes great science experiments Teach students how to regrow food and pick a food to regrow as a class. Could use a food from a students leftover lunch.

Cute Disney Vacation game infographic to help you save time and money at Disney World!

35 Disney Vacation Money-Saving Tips: An Infographic. See how far you can stretch your dollar at Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme park!