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Do children need a daily bath? 8 reasons to stop washing so much

Here are 8 reasons to liberate you from one, unnecesary "should" - the daily bath. The children don't need it - and neither do you!

Pouring Station: a no cost, high fun toddler activity #indoor

A no-cost, high fun toddler activity using just water and cups. Create a simple pouring station that will hold your toddler's attention for a long while.

Bright and Center Bright Red Highlights

BRIGHT AND CENTER Bright bold red and copper highlights are placed heavily in the fringe area and around the face in this daring look.

pixie cut

love this pixie cut and have been getting it for a few years. I carry the pic to my salon each time I get a cut and it always looks way cuter on the model in this pic than on me!

red black haircolor 25 Awesome Black and Red Hairstyles

You can make awesome patterns with Black And Red Hairstyles. If you have plain black hair a touch of red may do wonders to give you a fresh new look.