Atomic Fireballs

atomic fire ball, one of my favorites - choked on one once while roller skating…

those were the days

Those were the days! Ahh, yes with a few tiny ice chucks in the glass bottle if you were really lucky. Remember doing this at my Grandma's Store!

PK Chewing Gum

PK Chewing Gum - pk penny a packet, first you chew it then you crack it, then you stick it in your jacket, pk penny a packet

Terry's Neapolitans - the taste of my childhood Christmases!

The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

Terry's Neapolitans they were mini choc bars in different flavours in a box I used to love them when we got them for Christmas they went out of production in 2005


Ice Magic - Ooo I remember this :-) we had it as a treat, when you poured the sauce onto your ice cream it went hard like a chocolate shell mmmmmmm ;