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Gratitude quote - Never take your loved ones for granted

Sometimes, I feel like people take me for granted. But the people who call themselves my friends but do nothing whatsoever to prove it

I'm afraid it's easier said than done, but nonetheless a powerful quote to think about...we would be happier if we only could move on but I wouldn't be where I am today without the past.

Never regret anything that has ha opened in your life. It cannot be changed, undone or forgotten. Take it as a lesson and move on. So true! Life moves on.

*Yorkshire Pud - Urban Street to Vintage Chic - Lifestyle Blog* Finders Keypers - 80's toys xxx

Finders Keepers toy we had. Snails are part of a programme used and also we have a snail alter. We would collect snails and put nail varnish markers on their shells and name them. We also had The Giant Sea Snail from Dr Doolittle as a programmed theme.

I remember this! 80's toy by Fisher Price

Super fun and whimsical, you and your child or grandchild will completely love this rare vintage Fisher Price dog pull toy - Little Snoopy!

Post office 80s toy - hell yeah I had one of these!!! Xx

Post office toy - I so wanted this but never had it. Me and my friend just played post office at her kitchen table.

80's toy love

Glow worm that only worked if your friends helped you squeeze it. Lol, so true. I always wanted one, so i made sure my son had one, he didn't care too much so the next two didn't get one.

80's toys Play Doh barber shop--still have it! And yes, I play with it and sometimes let my kids play too!

toys Play Doh barber shop--oooh, I so wanted these. When you twisted the bottom the playdoh hair grew out of the holes in the head.

My cousin had this and I played with it always. I recently got my 2 yr. old boy the new set

Who is up for playing doctor? Ohhh the Fisher Price doctor dog probably hated me.