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Dallas, Newt, Bishop

Dallas(L), Newt(T) and Bishop(R) from the Kitten Cam!

Jane Eyre

I swoon over this ending

Jenna Marbles: How to trick people into thinking you're good looking

"How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" One of my favorite Jenna Marbles videos, like most of her videos NSFW (language)

Love love love

You are a bride-to-be with short hair? Are you a little bit worried about your hairstyle for your wedding? No problem. Nice wedding hairstyle is not only for the brides who have long hair. Short hair can have its own .

pretty, simple braids

Hair Braids most popular since ancient times. Here are 30 Best braid hairstyles, which includes styles suited for both long hair and short hair that can Inspire You.


I sincerely do have the dream of my boyfriend wearing a kilt at our wedding. In my defense, he's Scottish.


Combine traditions in a way that works for you! "Traditional" American bride with orange and yellow bouquet with her groom in a kilt.