MONTAÑA DE TINDAYA. Eduardo Chillida. 1996

In the Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida Tindaya Mountain, on Fuerteventura. Chillida's idea was to create a large empty void inside, with dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 meters, with an entrance tunnel of 200 meters and two skylights.

roma (RM), Italia  whatami  premio under 35 YAP MAXXI 2011

Completed in 2011 in Rome, Italy. A few days ago we featured, in progress, the WHATAMI project, winner of the 2011 Young Architect Program at the MAXXI.

En Vancouver puente de tierra

Vancouver Land Bridge ~ Vancouver, WA ~ This earth-covered pedestrian bridge, lined with indigenous plants and Native basket weavings, reconnects historic Fort Vancouver with the Columbia River waterfront, was dedicated August

Magical Bridge Suspended By Three Giant Balloons, Japan,

Magical Bridge Suspended By Three Giant Balloons

Love the hot air balloons. Designed by French installation artist Olivier Grossetête, Pont de Singe is located over a lake in the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park in the UK.

One of the most wonderful architectural follies I've ever seen. A bridge supported by balloons. As is goes from one point in the water to another point in the water and, you know, because it's supported by balloons, it's designed for contemplation, not for use.

Funny pictures about Bridge structurally supported by balloons. Oh, and cool pics about Bridge structurally supported by balloons. Also, Bridge structurally supported by balloons.

Estrutura de madeira laminada colada

Meet the extraordinary man who has been called "the architect of the people" and the first man to use paper as a building structure material, Shigeru Ban. He is the founder of Voluntary Architects' Network (VAN).