I need to make new curtains for the tent trailer beds and I think this might just be the thing.

A little how I want my camper to be . Idea for inside the camper.(Image detail for -The Queen Of Re: Vintage Scotty Serro Camper)

Caravan Interior - Vintage Style!

adorable interior of this vintage caravan. & now I have to make those LOVE pillows for my room:)

Light and airy but also love inviting cushions around table covered in sheets slipcovers.  Easy to clean, refreshing against skin on hot days, crisp look.  Add feathered comforter for padding underneath and it's perfect!

This is the cutest trailer ever! Not sure about the white interior.would get quite dirty going camping.

Vintage WV caravan interior

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Check out the before and after pictures of this motorhome - amazing! A little paint & hard work. Anyone Can Decorate: Camping in Vintage Chic Style

shabby chic caravan interior. lovely!

Alpine Sprite XL 2 berth caravan in shabby chic style, not vintage or retro

FFS...more bunting.  But the colors are lovely and it's a very sweet scene.  1957 Cheltenham Waterbuck vintage caravan interior

Fans of vintage caravans, campfires and stunning views should get themselves to the Wye Valley as new glampsite, Mad Dogs & Vintage Vans opens this month.

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