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I like how the layer of clothing underneath is made out of feathers, I think that this could be used within my work in sections. I also like how the shirt is very basic with just the black feathers, yet it stands out more than the jacket

What a great idea. Learn more at…

Crash is quite the art school dandy. He loves tattoos and shoes, so tattooed shoes were positively inevitable.

Well, that depends. Gabriel has probably bought a LOT of cupcakes with human souls so all you have to do is find him and ask him!

Calculus professor found this posted on the door to his office today by a student. This is how my brain reads math problems

Rest in Peace Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher. Harry Potter and Star Wars

stark and got image

finally starting to look good for what's left of the stark kids, which honestly scares the crap out of me cuz the whole "no one is safe." thing but i still can't wait for the next season!