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a woman holding a potted plant in her hands with hearts on it's forehead
Resim, Animaux, Animais, Sanat, Cute Drawings, Animales, Baby Art, Fox Art, Tekenen
New Procreate brush pack coming soon!
a painting of a girl with long blonde hair and flowers on her head in the grass
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Midjourney Feed
Childrens Books, Best Friends, Kittens, I Am Awesome, Books
an open book with some drawings on it next to a bookmark that reads, the little red - haired girl
Lucy's Illustrations 🌼 (@IllustrateLucy) / X
a drawing of a girl holding flowers in her hand and wearing a coat with polka dots
a drawing of a girl with long black hair and butterfly on her head, wearing an orange dress
a woman sitting at a table with an open book in front of her and butterflies above her head
a watercolor painting of a cat holding a fish
a woman sitting in a chair holding a book and a glass of wine while wearing a witches hat
a drawing of a woman in a dress holding a coffee cup and looking at her cell phone