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Paper, tea, rust print / Stitch print weave :: daily squares, posted by Alice Fox

Alice Fox Gifts from the Pavement Sketchbook Project 6

Gifts from the Pavement 'No painting is possible without poetry' Po Kin Yi C) Eyes in the feet Wherever, whenever, Pocketed, brought home, Shaped under tea's chemistry Left on paper sketchbook.

Alice Fox Pavement (detail)

Alice Fox Pavement (detail) on show at the Mall Gallery, London 10 - January 2014

alice fox | stitch print weave

Alice Fox Pavement Piece detail 2 Found object rusted print on fabric stitch…

Alice Fox mark making with found objects and stitch demo

Thank you so much to Art Van Go for inviting me to be part of the Artists in Action stand.

Alice Fox Beach Ghosts plastics #4 detail

Alice Fox Beach Ghosts plastics #4 detail

Alice Fox 25 Beer Bootle Tops

It has 25 found beer bottle tops trapped between layers of linen and a lot of small stitches. Once all the stitching was complete it was dipped into tea so that the rusty bottle tops could stain their surrounding fabric and stitches

Exhibition review: Tide Marks – Alice Fox

Textile artist Alice Fox is inspired by the natural world and detail of organic things.