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I'll try my best even to the point where it is kiing me but I no at some point enough is enough I can't keep killing my self over ppl who won't even care to notice

If I love you, I won't give up easily. Leaving is my last option, but if you push me away I will walk away knowing I gave it my all. And I had to walk away heartbroken

These are available to preorder from Unicorn Lashes! They also do super pretty falsies ;-;

The ORIGINAL Unicorn Brushes that broke the internet, Created by Mel Blue. 10 Piece Brush Set of the Ultimate Unicorn Kit. Included in the set: Buff Up - Flat

Kigurumi Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Kigurumi Rainbow Unicorn Costume - you know that saying - always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn and then always be a unicorn? Well bring that saying to life with this fun costume idea!

Unicorn Café, in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok, Thailand, is an explosion of pastel, rainbows and all things sickly sweet. It basically looks like they asked a five-year-old girl to describe her dream home, and then went with exactly what she suggested.

Unicorn Café, in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok, Thailand. basically looks like my bedroom XD.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate! It's a creamy hot white chocolate, ♥♥ colored pink, topped with sprinkles, whipped cream, marshmallows, and a blue frosting drizzle!

It Is A Creamy Hot White Chocolate, Coloured Pink, Topped With Sprinkles, Whipped Cream, Marshmallows And A Blue Frosting Drizzle