Guy Denning - Electrifying emotion, the light and darker tones translate a distaste amongst the image, it appears destructive but is actually fairly peaceful, like she is accepting a change in her life, although it may be defeating her.

red-lipstick: Guy Denning (b. Bristol, UK) - Drawing A Day Drawings: Charcoal, Conte on Paper

Nikos Gyftakis.

WHO: Nikos Gyftakis WHAT: Self- portrait WHAT: oil paintings break down the shape of the face into contours, just like a map breaks down the lay of the land into simple lines.

scale distortion

Communication Design (Graphic Design)

Figure Drawing Professor: Henry Yan Figure Drawings

Figure Drawing Professor: Henry Yan Figure Drawings admired by Secret Art Collector.

ginny grayson

drawing: workman: michaelaccorsi: The breathtaking and moving work of Australian artist, Ginny Grayson.

Galerie de Rosanna Jones

Rosanna Jones, Photographer & Mixed Media Artist explores how appearance affects identity in her project entitled 'Skin'. Inspired by this François de La Rochefoucauld quote: "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become