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Funny pictures about Different teeth in vampire movies. Oh, and cool pics about Different teeth in vampire movies. Also, Different teeth in vampire movies.

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise Interview with a vampire love the costume and the way vampires are portrayed. super regal! vamps rule!

Vampire Form, if they eat black or red grapes, they do not need blood. But they will vomit up any blood consumed during their vampire years- all of it. But after, a vampire can eat soft foods for a year. then eat normal foods.

Mermaid, Daren Horley on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/mermaid-46a501d4-d328-499a-b8d2-13639823f72f

In Greek mythology, the sirens were dangerous and beautiful creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

Which one am i? Comment Below and I will tell which one they are

If your eyes are blue your a mermaid ( obviously ) . if your eyes are brown your a werewolf . If your eyes are hazel your a vampire . And if your eyes are green your a hybrid

I've always loved vampires like this—creepy, fear-inducing, yet intriguing beings.

i don't know who the artist is, but this is a fangtastic (couldn't help myself) vision of batgirl. Work of Igor Morski