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What is a critique? A critique is an oral or written discussion strategy used to analyze, describe, and interpret works of art. Critiques help students hone their persuasive oral and writing,. High School Art, Middle School Art, Art Analysis, Art Rubric, Rubrics, Classe D'art, Art Critique, Art Handouts, Art Criticism

CurkovicArtUnits / Abstract Painting

Critical Analysis of an Artwork--great chart

Art Critique Worksheet/"Crit Cards" by Kim Franco Middle School Art, Art School, High School, Art Analysis, Art Doodle, Classe D'art, Art Critique, Art Rubric, Art Handouts

Art Critique Worksheet/"Crit Cards"

This is a two page Art Critique set that helps to breakdown the sometimes overwhelming process of critiquing artwork. It includes a worksheet that students can complete to critique a piece of artwork in a broken down, more understandable way. The second page is a set of 'crit cards' students can use...

321 Art: written reflection/self-assessment - 健康的な生活 Middle School Art, Art School, High School, Art Doodle, Classe D'art, Art Critique, Art Rubric, Art Handouts, Art Criticism

321 Art: written reflection/self-assessment

*Also available in the Everything Art Bundle* This is a quick and easy assessment form for students to use when they complete an art project. Hand-drawn for a fun, sketchbook style presentation. I like to have students complete these, then do a pair share with a classmate - great way to incorporate...

Ideas a level art sketchbook layout for 2019 Arte Gcse, Gcse Art Sketchbook, Sketchbook Ideas, Sketchbooks, A Level Art Sketchbook Layout, A Level Textiles Sketchbook, Sketchbook Project, Sketchbook Inspiration, Sketching

Annotation, annotation, annotation... ⋆ felt-tip-pen

Art and design sketchbook annotation advice. Checklist in student speak to guide with hints and tips for high quality annotation.