Don't mess with my babies!! Haha Momma hen with pigeon babies :)

A confused hen sitting on pigeon nestlings.there really is a strong maternal instinct in most females of all species.

NANCY NICHOLSON - Pigeon embroidery - start of process, cutting & laying out fabrics

Applique stage of Pigeon embroidery first steps in laying out the pieces Nancy Nichols

Composition: Context, I chose this picture because the photo is telling a short story with the context of birds flying in the woman's face.

Inspirational Tuesday

Bild: Eve, from the series The Big Valley, 2008 © Alex Prager / courtesy of the artist and Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York

Mark Hearld

A unique collage by Mark Hearld. Featured as part of our St. Jude's In The City exhibition at The Bankside Gallery in We'll be back there in November 2010

Handprinted sloop pigeon lino print

Handprinted sloop pigeon lino print

1lifeinspired:  ♥

Vieille porte et pigeon bleu. Love the patina of the door, the ancient paint, the rust, and the lovely blues and greens. The bird is an added bonus.