This could be done with sight words, numbers, letters of the alphabet, etc!

Literacy centers - the first six months sight word swat as a literacy centre. Dollar tree has giant fly swatters!

Phonics activity using sorting baskets

Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity

Phonics 1 Phonics/Alphabet Baskets Sorting Activity (from The Imagination Tree) Make baskets with objects that sound like a specific letter. Give the students a basket and let them practice their phonics skills by naming the objects.

Magnetic Letters: Word Families

Word Work: February

Kindergarten Smiles: Word Work Center Activities - helps struggling readers, letter recognition, and promotes collaborative learning.

Matching Initial Sounds from Rachel (",)

Practical Phonics Activities

Focus of Instruction: Phonics Direction: The students will be given a bowl with letters taped to the bottom. As part of the activity the students sort the materials provided and place them with the correct letter.

Making Boys Men: Spaghetti Painting - Our Week Outdoors

Spaghetti paint brushes would be a fun art process experience to compliment Strega Nona Family Dinner Book Club.

Phonics with lego

Filth Wizardry: DIY spinny spellers and repurposing Duplo bricks. Several fun ideas for using Duplo and Lego bricks for language arts.

Great fine motor activity and could even be used for fact families.

Rhyming - Word family "doll" made with pipe cleaners, letter beads, and a bead for the head.

This is a neat idea to make for Caleb when he gets older. Those letters are from the refrigerator phonics (Leap Frog).

Alphabet magnet activity ( Leap Frog magnets were *the* most used "toy" ever played with in our home, coming in second is play silks. Better yet wrap these magnets in a play silk.