Spiracle, by Marco Mazzoni  Colored pencils on paper. 48cm x 33cm. 201

Coloured pencil crayon drawings by artist Marco Mazzoni. A large part of my tattoo has been taken from a part of this drawing.

Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni is currently preparing a solo show with Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan, Italy, opening on the of February

Detailed Colored Pencil Drawings of Flora and Fauna by Marco Mazzoni  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/03/detailed-color-pencil-drawings-of-flora-and-fauna-by-marco-mazzoni/

“Malalingua” colored pencils on paper, cm for my soloshow IMMUNE, Thinkspace Gallery LA November 2014 - November 2014 Opening Reception: Saturday, November 2014 -.

Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni colour reference for future ink, soft sepia hues of purple, browns, pinks

by Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni "The Writer" colored pencils and ink on moleskine paper, cm Patricia Armocida Gallery, Milan, february 19