The Natural Momma in Me: Shape recognition tuff spot

For a while now, Isabelle has known a star and a heart shape - neither of which she was taught, she just seemed to pick them up. We have a l.

Dinosaur pictures and other shape creations from Rachel (",)

Dinosaurs Return

Welcome back, dinosaurs! Explore shapes and geometry with your youngster.

going on a colour hunt

Going on a Colour Hunt

Going on a Colour Hunt fun activity and craft for toddlers and preschoolers to reinforce colour recognition. Great for idea for rainy day play.

CAMBRIDGE MATHS GCSE / A LEVEL online course - NOT TOO LATE - start now - GO!

EYFS shape description game - The children take turns at describing a shape to their friend, who then has to attempt to name the shape and travel along the obstacle course to fetch it. Physical Dev nursery year olds

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