More ideas from Louise
Aviendha by Ariel Burgess

Some of the Art from the 2015 Wheel of Time Calendar by Ariel Burgess which is still available at Ta’veren Tees.

Wheel of Time Rand

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time (WoT) Book Nine: "Winter's Heart" eBook cover featuring Rand al'Thor

Jahar Narishma- one of my favorite Asha'man!

Had to paint another Ashaman from the Wheel of Time Series. This is my take on Jahar Narishma.

Moiraine Sedai (The Wheel of Time) by *fee-absinthe

I always had trouble putting my idea of Moiraine into paper, but here she is in all her splendo.

WOT - card teasers 2 Logain by ReddEra on DeviantArt

FINAL UPDATE: This is the final Thom card teaser. I have redone his cape, face / neck (wrinkles) and details. UPDATE: Thomdril Merrilin teaser by Ariel Burgess. Listening to suggestions, I added mo.

How To Use Baking Soda For Dark Spots

How To Use Baking Soda For Dark Spots Baking soda mixed with water will exhibit certain properties that help you to get rid of the many problems including removal of hyperpigmentation. This process is used to treat dark spots on face, neck, back and le