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The multiple faces with different emotions all suggest mental disorders such as multiple personalities, bipolar of schizophrenia. This works well with my theme of humans, emotions and mental issues

Duarte Vitoria

Les peintures de Duarte Vitoria !

Autumn Dellaway

I love how the absence of colour in these drawings allow the emotions and concept of being together come through. I love how realistic these drawings are, particularly the wrinkles around the man's eyelid in the top drawing.

Tonal drawing showing realistic detail

Tonal drawing showing realistic detail. Not to use as an artist to transcribe from - but just to see how beautifully drawn - idea of zips

Pencil drawing by Rupert Smissen (3)

Michael Haneke, Woody Allen, and Natalie Portman

Yvon Chouinard Portrait by Rupert Smissen. Unusual in that the "drip" oozes over the face and into the rope. Wonder what this story tells.