How My Diet Works

Funny pictures about How my diet works. Oh, and cool pics about How my diet works. Also, How my diet works.

Little Britain

Little Britain is our favourite all-time sketch! Full of inappropriateness, offensive jokes, whacks and psychos that will drive you batshit crazy!

Little Britain meets the Simpsons Vicky Pollard

I want that yellow one: How Andy and Lou might look if they were 'Simpson-fied'

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Who want to see Spain?

Who want to see Spain?

I literally say this every time someone asks me to look something up on the computer.


Carol Beer is a character in Little Britain. Carol Beer is depicted as a receptionist or clerk.


Community Post: 17 Signs You're Marjorie Dawes From "Little Britain"

Little Britain

My favorite Little Britain skit; Sebastian and prime minister

Vicky Pollard from Little Britain!!!!  "No, but yeah, but no----I don't know nuthin' or nuthin'.  Quit givin' me evils!!!"

Lol vicky pollard now does that look like she's got a face of a fucking angel lol, there are a bit of quotes from little Britain abroad, because vikies mom said she got a face of a f*****g angel, no she does not lol ;